Experienced Framer Developer & Product Design Lead
Jane Katz • Season

Client • Jul 8, 2024

I recommend Goran whole-heartedly. He worked quickly, neatly, and effectively. He created a beautiful and functional website for us and was able to manage several different people involved in the project. We are extending our contract too!

Thomas Mirmotahari • PerkUp

Client • Jul 1, 2024

Goran is a talented designer and Framer expert. He consistently exceeds our expectations by listening to our vision and implementing it with remarkable precision. Goran's ability to quickly incorporate improvements has been invaluable.

Christopher Eller • ISMS Connect

Client • May 14, 2024

Loved to work with Goran!

Bas Alderding • SevenLab

Client • Apr 22, 2024

Bas at SevenLab hired Goran and recommends working with them

Daniel D • Snake Fang

Client • Mar 15, 2024

Goran was an amazing resource for our project. I work with many freelance designers; trust, responsiveness and quality of work is always the biggest challenge. I took a chance working with Goran, and could not be more happy.

Michael Melone • 0pass

Client • Jan 19, 2024

Goran has been great to work with. Providing sharp designs and building them out in Framer.

Ethem Bozkurt

Client • Jan 12, 2024

Ethem recommends working with Goran

Mrunang Rathod

Client • Oct 27, 2023

Good Work!

Konstantin Balashov

Client • Sep 29, 2023

Highly recommend, because Goran is a professional and a good team player.

Jason Lauritzen • OtterTune

Client • Aug 21, 2023

I hired Goran to help transition our website from WordPress to Framer. He was great at creating tablet and phone breakpoints based on desktop designs, as well as suggesting and implementing design changes, and documenting and fixing bugs.

Antonio Vlasceanu

Client • Aug 4, 2023

Good communication, good work and fast delivery

Kristin O'Rourke

Client • Aug 1, 2023

Goran was very quick to respond to my inquiry and hopped on a call immediately. I had several questions about Framer that Goran helped me solve.