We support the planning of your film or photo productions from the earliest stages of the project:

from small simple questions regarding permits, climatic conditions or suitable locations to executing artbuying tasks and advising on complete shoot logistics. Thereby we can help to minimize complicacies and to save costs already in the conceptual phase.

With our vast experience in the business and our extensive worldwide network of key industry contacts we can advise on every aspect of a production:
Where to find lush green meadows in November without spending the whole budget on travel and when is the harvest time for peanuts? Do you really need to spend all the money on a tacky but expensive Parisian hotel whilst the location could easily be found in Berlin as well? What does a Jumbo Jet cost per shoot day and how high is the hourly price compared to the rate of a luxury yacht? And where does a photographer, who is planning s small shoot for a personal work in Hong Kong, apply for a general photo permit?

No matter what budget or dimension has - we are happy to assist you with all kinds of film or photo production.
We provide the production assistant accompaniying your guerilla shooting in Barcelona and we also step in when a multi-national photo shoot, a complex campaign or a shoot at a very unique and hard to permit locations has to be planned, scheduled and budgeted.