We provide locations and complete production services anywhere in the world.

For over 25 years CONTRA has been providing the full range of services needed to successfully accomplish the entire spectrum of photo shoots and film productions ranging from the most simple to the extremely complex.

When we advertise "international production services", we mean it. On first glance it may appear strange that -for example- an American photographer hires a German production service to work in Asia. However, there are good reasons for this:  

We are operating globally, because that’s what most of our clients do. They want to rely on the same service quality, and for this reason we are their reliable partner - wherever the shoot takes place.

CONTRA’s expertise and infrastructure allows us to provide a time and cost efficient production and at the same time ensure the best results.

Our team of permanent service producers and location scouts lives in Germany (Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg), Spain (Barcelona and Mallorca), China (Beijing and Hong Kong) and Switzerland.

Our worldwide contacts to reliable and professional crewmembers guarantee you a committed and pragmatic support during the whole shooting. Don’t worry. We are here.